Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Break & Stuff

Wow, I've had some busy days this past week. I started off last week cleaning & just basically getting everything ready for the kids to come home on Fall Break. Then Wednesday evening I headed to Lynchburg to pick the kids up. Ashley, Jon AND Brendan would be here through the weekend. It was such an awesome feeling Wednesday night knowing that ALL my kiddos were together under one roof. All the noise & boistrous-ness was great! I didn't even mind all the piles of laundry that came home with them. I was prepared.....I had made sure to get caught up on ALL our laundry before they came home. So I tackled the 'Mt. Everest' of laundry with joy!
Thursday was spent kind of lazing around. The kids slept in & I did laundry & put a pot of chili on for supper. After lunch, Ashley took Brendan on a walk...showing him around our neck of the woods.
Friday, Brendan & Ashley came with me to town. We did La Carreta for lunch & then dropped Brendan back off at school so he could work that evening. After our grocery shopping & errand running, Ashley & I hit McDs for a much-needed treat.
Saturday, was another gorgeous Fall day & I was most happy to spend some time outside crocheting.
Of course, Frederick enjoyed keeping me company.
And Charlie helped to keep Alli company. I think he's just a tad too big to stretch out on the piano.
Rocky was a little jealous that Charlie was sitting on the bench with Alli.
Saturday was also Opening Day of bow season here & don't you know that Michael got himself a doe on the very first day!
Rocky was about to bust a gut to check out the deer. Jon could hardly hold him!
So, we finally gave in & let Rocky join the boys in picture.
Also, Saturday afternoon Ashley took Alli out for a 'Portrait Shoot' that she needed to do for her photography class.
The late afternoon sunlight was amazing. She got some really wonderful shots!
Late Saturday evening, Brendan borrowed his buddie's car & came back to spend one last night of Fall break here at the Bunner house. And so Sunday morning found these two headed back to school in time to meet friends for lunch. Jon stayed & helped Clay & Michael with a few things around here before I took him back late Sunday afternoon.
It was absolutely gorgeous driving home Sunday evening. I just love this spot of road.....just topping the hill, looking down into the town of Amherst with the mountains in the far distance.
Crossing the RR tracks at home.
Monday morning as I sat out on the porch drinking my coffee, I was amazed at how many leaves had fallen all of a sudden. I love how they look here on the brick steps with the ivy growing here & there. Very cottagey.

Counting My Blessings:

* All my kiddos together under one roof for Fall Break * All the laundry caught up & put away * Jon fixed the light on Clay's car * ice cream from the Dairy Isle * Beautiful double rainbow * Letter from Ms. Carol * Lunch with friends * Leftover Vitos pizza for lunch * Watching Cosby with Jon * Michael shot a doe * Watching Jon & Michael work together to skin Michael's doe---best unschooling ever! * music * LU * smell of the evening air * watching the leaves swirl & fall from the trees--I love October * clean sheets * rain * Quiet/slow/peaceful mornings *homemade banana bread * taking a walk with Alli *


Fatcat said...

I'm glad you had a great week and got to have all your kiddos home!

The flylady calls the pile of laundry "Mount Washmore", LoL.

donnamusing said...

What a wonderful weekend! <3

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Is it bad that I couldn't focus after I saw that beautiful afghan on the piano bench? :) So pretty!