Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Peanutbutter....Who Knew?

After I had done all the picking-up-of-pinecones yesterday...I was in here at the sink trying to get all the sap off my hands with some rubbing alcohol. And Alli decided to google. Her ever-favorite learning tool these days. One of the things she discovered was that peanutbutter would clean sap off. Of course she found this out AFTER I had scrubbed & scrubbed some more to get the sap off my hands.
So, today after I picked up another bucketful of pine cones, I decided that I would try the peanutbutter.
And what do you know? It was wonderful!! I just smeared some peanutbutter all over my hands & down in between my fingers. Rubbed in real good & then rinsed with warm water.  No sticky left at all! Another Unschooling/life-learning moment. The very best lessons ever in my opinion.

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Kaye said...

I didn't know peanut butter worked. We use olive oil for removing sap -- pour a little on a paper towel and wipe it on your hands. It works great!