Monday, October 14, 2013

Lot of Hooky-ness!

Thought I'd catch up & share some of my latest Hooky projects. I had rememberd saving a 'candy skull' pattern last year thinking they'd be fun to do for Halloween. Well, anyway....the other week I came across THIS pattern which I liked a whole lot better & decided to give it a whirl. 
They work up so quickly & easily! I love this multi-colored guy the best!
I ended up making 5 of them & stringing them together to make a cute little bunting to hang along the mantle in our dining room. Will have to see if I can get a good picture of the finished project to show you.
In other Hooky news....remember this sweet little afghan that Aunt Linda had given me back in the spring. Well, I noticed a place where I guess the yarn had just worn out & broken. As you can see in these pictures, it was right smack in the middle of a square & I wasn't at all sure just HOW to go about fixing this. So, I googled.
I found some wonderful information on this blog: Yarn In, Yarn Out . I was able to tie off the loose ends & then just completely removed the innermost two rows. I replaced the inner two rows with the gold & off-white as seen below......
....and viola! As good as new. I was so proud of myself! This was my unschooling for the day.....learning how to repair a granny. Pretty nifty to know.

This was my Saturday afternoon. After taking a lovely walk outside in the misty-ness....I came in, fixed myself a nice cup of hot tea & spread my Granny Patch out on the floor so I could choose colors for the next row. I try to keep it pretty random, but I do sit down & choose the colors for a row at a time. That way, I only have 10 colors of yarn in my project bag at a time instead of having to drag along my whole stash.
And here's a peek at how it's coming along. The beginnings of row nine. Not sure just how many rows it will end up being. Will just see how it goes.

Yesterday afternoon found me learning something else new. I love it! I had 4 balls of yarn that I had bought on clearance at Michaels...which I wanted to make into a cowl for myself. I found this lovely Mosaic Infinity cowl on Pinterest. It looked simple enough, but what I learned was how to make a Chainless Double Crochet Foundation. I was thrilled. It's super simple & eliminates the chain foundation...just one less step in the process. Terrific for when you have a really long foundation row like this one....with 162 DC.
And here we are...moving right along. I ended up getting three bands of color done by bedtime yesterday evening. I'm super excited about this & can't wait to finish it!


Counting My Blessings:

*I'm thankful for waking up & having another day--'His mercies are new every morning' * lunch at O'Charley's with Ella & kids * taking lunch to my sweet hubby * silly texts from Clay * Seeing Jon & Ashley * Clay got off early Friday & was able to go hunting with Michael * squirrels--we've never had so many out here & I love watching them play * nature walk in the misty-ness---seeing God's beauty everywhere! * Peppers frozen * laundry done * pumpkin scented candles * the privelege of prayer * a new trash can--yes, seriously!! *pumpkin pie *

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