Monday, October 14, 2013

Manic Monday

Well, not really.....nothing manic about this Monday....pretty mellow if truth be known. It was kind of icky this morning with the wind blowing in the wrong direction for the boys to go hunting. So they enjoyed sleeping in for a few more hours. When they did get up, they headed to the woods to do some scouting & put up stands.
Before he headed out, Clay asked if I'd mind picking up some of the pine cones all over the yard. They make wonderful kindling for the wood stove....nice & sappy & all.
So, I grabbed a bucket & set to work. What an awesome work-out this is for your legs & buns.
Didn't take me long at all to fill a whole bucket. But at this point I was starving so I knew a lunch break was in order.
When I came in, this is what I found curled up on my couch. Charlie on one end & Rocky on the other. Such cute snuggle buddies.
Another bucket filled after lunch. I still have more to do....but there were other chores to do inside, so I'll get back to the pine cones later.
When Clay & Michael came back in for lunch, he asked Alli if there was any ribbon around. Said he needed a piece. Whatever. Said he wanted to see which way the wind was blowing. It wasn't until a little bit later when I went out on the back porch that I saw this. 'You might be a redneck if.......' came to mind. The red post is a broken piece of an old bunk bed set stuck in the ground with the piece of ribbon tied to it.
As you can see, it worked. They could obviously see which direction the wind was blowing from.
So nice to see the sun peeking through & shining across the field.
I got the urge to do some paper crafting this afternoon. I hauled out all my Halloween supplies, queued up Mannheim Steamroller's Halloween music on Spotify & Alli & I got busy doing some crafting.
I made some Halloween cards & she had a go at some of her Halloween make-up creations. It was really neat to sit at the table & craft together.
And, as promised's the picture of my not-so-spooky Halloween skulls decorating our mantle. Time to get up from here now & go get some supper going so it'll be ready when my hungry hunters get home later.

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