Monday, October 21, 2013

My Weekly Random-ness

This past Wednesday, Alli & I met  Ella & Cori & we went to hear Bethany Hamilton speak at LU convo.
The girls have both read her book 'Soul Surfer' & watched her movie with the same title. What an incredible story of inspiration. You can check her story out HERE.
I finsihed this cowl that I started last week.
I love the design, colors, etc. but I think next time I will make it just a smidge longer.
It's a pretty cozy, snug fit & will be wonderful on a truly cold/windy day.
A stack of quilted & crocheted coziness.....straight from the dryer.
Just a friendly little Halloween card going into the mail.
Saturday afternoon found me starting yet another new hooky project. I'm making a Spiderman afghan for my little nephew who will turn 4 right after Christmas. This will be a combination Christmas/birthday gift for him.
Alli & I decided to go check out the Apple Festival at Drumheller's Orchard  Sunday afternoon after church. It was such a gorgeous fall day! The above picture we were waiting in line to go on the hayride.
In the pumpkin patch.
Such grace & balance. ;-)
Here's what we ended up with. Both Alli & Michael had been really wanting to carve a pumpkin. So, when we got home...they set to work while I whipped up a couple of pumpkin pies to have for our dessert.
Here's the finished project. Michael carved this cool Jack-o-lope....
....and Alli did this carving of the Joker. I had to snap a picture of hers in regular light because it just didn't show up right in the dark. Because hers is just scraped & not actually carved all the way through, it just didn't give enough light to get a good picture. It looks really cool in real life though.
And one last photo from today. It was such a pretty afternoon so I took my crochet outside & sat on the swing & enjoyed the sunshine for a while. Little Mr. Frederick just couldn't resist getting in the picture too.

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