Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crazy Kids

My crazy hubby took the 3 oldest kids last night to go see the premier of Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince. They have been looking forward to this forever & were all totally excited last night. They had also been wanting to pull an all-nighter one night here soon before Chris has to go back to school & so last night just seemed like the perfect night. They said it was totally unorganized at the theater & the movie was at least 30 mins. late in starting, so that put them even later getting home this morning. BUT....they said the movie was awesome.....the best one yet! That made up for the chaos at the theater. ;-) When they got home close to 4 this morning....they fixed coffee, watched cartoons, went outside to watch the sun come up & then decided around 6ish or so that they wanted to go swimming! What memories they made......& Chris even videoed much of this, so that's cool. I'm so thankful for the good realtionship between they enjoy one another's company....spending time together & even hanging out with good ole dad!! And thanks, Clay for being such a cool dad....we all love you bunches!

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