Friday, July 10, 2009


Wed. we went to NC for the day to visit with Clay's folks. On the way down we got tickled about this truck.....first of all, the little sign above the license plate says 'Beware of Attack Cow' & then if you look closer......dangling below....cow bell & balls. LOLAll the cousins...Chris, Christie, Caitlin, Jon, Hunter, Ashley, Michael, Brittany & Alli

Just the girlies... Ashley, Brittany, Caitlin, Alli & Christie. Look how tall Alli has gotten! You don't seem to notice day to day....but we pulled out pics of the girls from last year & Alli was only as tall as Ashley & Brittany's shoulders....& look at her now!

Papaw & Chris

Amy & Brian........the 'other' Amy Bunner...LOL

Ashley, Christie & Alli with their dog, Jax. He was SO cute & sweet....the kids loved playing with him & of course he ate up all the extra attention.

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