Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trucks, cards, Pepsi, cartoons & granola

Oh my....I'm sitting here eating left-over spoon bread for my breakfast & it sure is yummy!! Reminds me so much of my college days.....when Maw would fix it for supper & then I'd pull it out the next morning & eat the left-overs for breakfast as I headed out the door to class.

-Day 204-

Wow....I'm already 200+ pictures into this cool is that?! I ran out this morning & snapped this pic of Pop's truck sporting it's new green doors. ;-) The boys worked hard the other day getting the doors & seats replaced.

-Day 203-

I was in a card-making mood yesterday & these are a few of my creations. They will go in my stash ready to be sent out to someone special.

-Day 202-

Sarah, this is what we do when you're not around......TWO cans of Pepsi! LOL I am just kidding, you know.......he had the littlest smidge in each can & thought he was something else with one for each hand. He's such a little buddy!

-Day 200-

This was late the other night.....not sure why the orange hunting cap....I guess maybe it was for inspiration ;-).....but Jon had his tunes plugged in & he was drawing some of his famous cartoons.

-Day 199-

This was our home-made granola from over the weekend. It was so easy & so I sure didn't last long.

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