Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy 4th!!

-Day 185-
Although today was a holiday, we just hung out here at home & my day mainly centered around....what else, but.....BEANS! I snapped a whole big bowl full after breakfast.....took a shower & went outside under my tree to snap some more until the kids were hollering for lunch. Came in & fed everyone...baked our cake....did 2 canners of beans & then treated myself to a little scrappy time. ;-) After that, I went back outside to finish up snapping the beans before supper. We grilled hodogs & had chili/cheese dogs, baked beans, fries & ronis for supper.....which was a picnic out on the front porch. The kids then went to play hide & seek outside while I cleaned up the kitchen & did the last canner full of beans....for a total of 18 qts. grand total is now at 116 qts! Here's our first attempt at a flag cake. I marked off the sections & let the girls decorate it. Alli did the blueberries & Ashley did the strawberries. It was really yummy!
After I was done with the beans, we came back outside for some smores. More Yumminess!

I love this shot of the four of them on the quilt just hanging out enjoying their time together!!

When it got dark enough we watched all the fireworks around....across the RR tracks, out toward Oakridge & back over toward Mari & David's house. Then the kids did their sparklers. And to round off our evening....after Michael & Alli went up to bed....the rest of us watched Rocky III. The kids remember several years ago on the 4th they did an all-day Rocky marathon on was a terribly rainy day that year & so the movie marathon was perfect. their minds the 4th of July = Rocky movies. So, over the past few nights we've watched the first & second ones & last night was the third one. Perfect ending to a really nice day! I totally enjoyed it.

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Mama Teaching 2 said...

I love the sparkler photos and your cake is so pretty. :) You are the bean queen.