Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy 12th Michael

-Day 205- My little 'Mikey Moo-Moo' (don't tell him I said that) turned 12 yesterday! Gosh, I know we say it every time someone has a BD....but where does the time go? Yesterday morning he opened his presents.....a new Bible, pocket knife, Tomb Raider game, $20 & a Tshirt that says 'Give me snacks & no one gets hurt'. I found that shirt at Old Navy & HAD to get it for's a joke around here that Michael is the 'Snack' king. Jon has even dubbed him 'The Junk Food Jockey' LOL! After presents, we had our traditional cinnamon buns & coffee for BD breakfast. Then, I headed off to town to get groceries. We were going to do Vitos pizza for supper, but it ended up that Clay & Chris both had to work & I hated for them to miss out, so Michael was a good sport & agreed that we'd put Vitos off until tonight.
When I got home....Michael got a nice little surprise.....a Goodie Bag from me. The others had helped think this up. They thought it would be perfect to go along with the idea of his shirt & his title of 'Junk Food Jockey'. He got stuff like this big bottle of Green Tea (his fave), beef jerky, Crunch N Munch, gummi worms, peanuts, Twizzlers, Bubble gum.....
Then after supper, we had BD cake (chocolate with chocolate frosting of course) & ice cream!

-Day 206-

I've gotten to where I take my coffee out on the porch each morning & have my quiet time out there. I don't know what I'm gonna do when it gets too cold to do this....I love it. Just thought I'd snap a pic of my book & coffe & also the view I have. ;-)


Fatcat said...

Is he your baby?

I know all of us moms say that, "where did the time go?"

It's unbelievable how quickly they grow up!

Amy said... 'Baby' is 10.