Thursday, August 19, 2010

Art Jouranl Fun

First of all I just HAD to share this adorable pic of the puppy & 'his boy'. Michael was playing a game & Rocky had climbed up in his lap & gone to sleep. Michael called me to come & bring my camera & of course when I came, Rocky had to wake up & POSE for me.I've been totally enjoying all the art journaling techniques that are being shared this week at Balzer Designs...... Below are some of my creations using acrylic paint & an empty TP tube.
I know we're talking art journals here....but I had these packs of blank cards & envies & thought it would be fun to lay down some backgrounds to have on hand & then I can embellish however I want when whenever I'm ready to make/send a card.

And here is just a very basic stamped LO in my art journal. Will add to this later on......I just did the paint stamping part yesterday & thought I'd share. I'm having so much fun doing this & Ashley is loving all the stuff she sees me looking at online. I betya I'll have her keeping an art journal before ya know it. ;-) Just seems natural for these artistic kids of mine. Alli would probably love it too....truth be told. Maybe this could be a great art class for the school year this fall. Hmmmmmm..............

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milkcan said...

Love your toilet paper tube circles! Glad you're enjoying Art Journaling week!