Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Be Anxious for Nothing!

I experienced what I call another 'Pastor Steve Moment' yesterday........let me back up & explain. Back in June, Pastor Steve preached on faith & how our first reaction shouldn't be to worry or fret, but to go to God.....'Be anxious for nothing, but let your requests be made known to God.' He also encouraged us to journal about our needs & how God has answered our prayers, provided for us, given us miracles. etc. He said we forget so easily & it's good to be able to look back & see how God's provided in the past & to KNOW the He will provide for our needs NOW. So......I'm journaling this now, so I can look back & see how God provided. Chris noticed Sunday night when he got home from work that there was a discrepancy on his LU account saying he owed ALOT more than he should have. When he went out of here yesterday to go straighten it out I just prayed that God would go before him & take care of everything. He's been there for us in the past & I KNEW He hadn't brought Chris this far--to his senior year--to let him down. Believe it or not I didn't feel terribly stressed out like I sometimes can......I just kept praying & praising......I put the praise music on & sang along....because the joy of the Lord is our strength! Needless to say I was doing 'the Happy Dance' when Chris got home & told me everything was taken care of. It had been something to do with summer school, but would correct itself on his school account & for him not to worry. How awesome is that?! God is so faithful!!!

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Sandee said...

This is VERY awesome! I'm so glad it all worked out. Big hugs!!!