Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Super Chicken

Rocky loves playing with his Super Chicken toy that Clay got him. (He spoils him so!) This crazy chicken will 'cock-a-doodle-do' every time you throw's hilarious!

Ashley & I had our turn in the pre-school class this past week...
We were excited that Taylor & Jesse were there with us. They were lining up to show off their pin-wheels that we made for craft time. Don't you just love all those 'cheesey' grins!

Last night the girls from church had a 'Girl's Night Out' at La Caretta.....kind of one last fling before school starts back. Sandi was there too.....she dropped Cassady off & ran up to church to load soda pop & water bottles into the new drink cooler in the teen's room & then came back. We had such an awesome time fellowshipping together. These girls are terrific! Brittany had already left at this point but we still had to get a picture to document the evening.
Ashley, Erika, Emily, Andrea & Cassady

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