Monday, August 09, 2010

Fun Summer Days

What a nice surprise to get out of the van yesterday at church & see Ella & the kids pull up beside us! The kids were SO tickled!! Afterward Cori ended up coming home with us to spend the night. The girls had a great time together.Just a QUICK shot of Rocky in Ashley's purse. Isn't he just the cutest little traveling partner?! Not that we've actually taken him anywhere yet....but the kids would LOVE to.
Cori, Alli & Ashley had a fun time in the pool. Alli & Cori stayed in there ALL afternoon!

In the middle of a painting session. I'm not sure exactly when it turned into not just FINGER painting, but HAND painting...LOL....but I think they had fun. After this they had popcorn while watching 'Another Cinderella Story.'

Then today we headed go see 'Letters to Juliet' at the dollar theater. It was such a good movie. Definitely one I'd watch again. The scenery was just gorgeous! Ella met us afterwards & picked Cori up. Then Ashley, Alli & I ran by McDs for a treat. Ashley got an iced coffee & I had two FREE coupons for those yummy mocha frappes. ;-) After that we stopped by Good Will on the way home. Ashley wanted to check out the book section. We ended up with 2 more Harry Potter books (#3 & 4), a Tracie Peterson book, The Scarlet Pimpernel & one of the Anne of Green Gables books. I love days like this. To think.....all this fun for UNDER $10! Can't beat that at all!!! For supper this evening Ashley & I fixed chicken parmesan......I tell ya, it was the best we've made so far! Now, to round off this fun day Chris, Ashley, Jon & I are gonna finish watching 'It' when the others go to bed. Fun Summer Days!!!

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Sandee said...

Y'all are having way too much fun! Sure wish I could fit into Ashley's handbag to ride along with y'all for a day or two...or three!