Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School

Well, it ended up being Back to School today. I had originally planned on starting back today, then 'stuff' got in the way.....hadn't ordered the books I needed yet, was gone to King's Dominion ALL day on Friday, grocery shopping Saturday & I refused to do anything on Sunday....that's my day of rest. So, in my mind I was planning on starting Wed.....that would be perfect, right...the FIRST of Sept....FIRST day of school. Anyway, I ended up getting bored last night & pulled the books out & started working on stuff. Figured we might as well go ahead & get started today. These next two weeks are just gonna be all about getting back into the routine anyway....especially with Aunt Vada & them coming in this Sunday & being here all week getting ready for the Family reunion. So today was strictly math review day. It's amazing....actually kind of funny, rusty you can get over the summer. This morning was spent 'remembering' how to do long division, averaging, finding the area of triangles & so forth & so on. All in all we did pretty good. Plus I actually found Ashley's math book WITH the solutions manual(that was a MUST for me) & test booklet (which I really didn't care long as I have the solutions manual!!) on ebay......all three books PLUS shipping for UNDER $20. Now, I just need to find the Abeka American History & Cultures book for Jon & I'll be set. I might even just let him go ahead & start on American Govt.....just flip-flop the two....we shall see. I'm sure I can find what I want on ebay or here within the next week or so, so I'm not worried.

I actually sat down & did a little scrapping this afternoon. Love this pic of my little preschool Sunday School kids. Ashley & I help out in the preschool class once a's really cool....they've paired moms & teen girls together so that the teens can get experience serving & working in the church. Ashley really enjoys it. I remember when I was her age.....I LOVED helping out in the nursery....rocking all those precious babies & dreaming of having my own one day! Ok....need to get my booty up from here & start on supper. Actually it's already started....the baked taters are in the oven & the London Broil has been marinating most all day, so it will be ready to go on the grill here in a bit. Will fix a salad & supper will be ready.

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