Saturday, August 07, 2010

Kentucky Mission's Trip

OK, here are a just a few....a VERY few....of Ashley's pics that she took while on her trip.Ashley, Cassady & 'Woodford'.....they have a new love for Woody these days. ;-)
Ashley, Emily, Erika & Cassady

downtown Whitesburg......I love it! Reminds me of Mayberry.

Below are some of the projects they worked on as part of the SWAP program.
Ashley & some of the other girls planted flowers around the church there just to brighten things up a bit.
Seth & Jon working hard building a deck!
A front porch that they built for another home.

The youth rally they held that Friday night.

Ashley with the band memebers of 'Our Last Oath'
Zach, Cody, Ashley, Jake & Seth

On Saturday they hiked up to Bad Branch Falls.....

The guys.....just being GUYS! LOL!!

Jerry, Ashley & Ross

The group on Sunday just before loading up & heading back home. They had such an awesome time!! Thanks SO much to everyone who helped to make this trip possible!!


Sandee said...

What great photos! Thanks need to go to all those enthusiastic teens and their leaders for the compassion they are sharing. Wow! I got Ashley's letter today. What a rewarding trip it must have been.
Does this mean your computer is up and running again??

Amy said...

Yeah, Sandee......This is the longest stretch that it's worked for here in a long time. I'm not holding my breath.....but it sure is nice to be back on my own computer again!!