Monday, August 08, 2011

Bone Collector Seminar

MY pictures from our day Saturday at King's Dominion.

Kings Dominion's Intimidator 305, a 305 ft (92.464 m) tall gigacoaster. The ride features a cable lift hill, an 85° first drop and a maximum speed of at least 94 mph (145 km/h). The ride, is themed to the late NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt.

That's my kiddos there heading up that steep hill. This was Alli's first time riding it.....brave girl!!

And here they's almost over. Believe it or not this was the first time ever that Clay & I neither one rode the first ride. I'm just so over it all's funny. I don't mean to be an old fuddy-duddy, but I had NO desire whatsoever to stand in those awful long, hot lines to ride rides that were going to absolutely terrify me. I used to LOVE it, but not so much anymore. So............ this is how Clay & I spent our afternoon...............He had heard that they were having a hunting seminar at the Bass Pro shop which is just down the road a bit & he really wanted to go. Now, I will admit that I wasn't all that overly enthused about a hunting seminar, but hey we would be
sitting in a nice air conditioned store as opposed to the hot steamy theme park, so off we went...leaving the kids to ride to their heart's content. ;-)

This is who we went to see.......Michael Waddell's Bone Collectors. The boys love watching all these guys on their hunting shows. Michael would've LOVED to have gone & we even asked him if he wanted to, but King's Dominion won out for him.

Travis 'T-Bone' Turner & Nick Mundt

Nick & Clay

'T-Bone' & Clay.

I must admit that I totally enjoyed getting to meet these guys. They are so real & down-to-earth! We got autographs for the boys. We were really wishing we had thought about getting Michael's bear picture blown up & taken it to have them sign. Michael would've been thrilled with that..........he thinks T-Bone is awesome!!

Off to Pizza Hut for some supper......a nice ending to a fun family day together!

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Cindy Gay said...

Brings back some great memories. 1975 I interned in Richmond and my folks, sister & friend & I went there. I have some great rainbow Popsicle pictures! A few year back (when Chris was in jr. high, we took him there. . . I do have a layout from that trip...liked the Eiffel tower. Ashley will do just fine at Liberty! Thanks Amy.