Thursday, August 11, 2011

Michael's New Bow

Michael wanted a new bow for his birthday this year because he had kind of outgrown his old bow. For a couple of months now he & Clay have been shopping around.....both in actual stores & online. Pricing & watching numerous bows on ebay. The whole process is really such a cool learning experience for the boys. Again, it's just one of the 'Unschooling' aspects that I really love!! Well, he finally came home with his new birthday bow day before yesterday. They bought it at a shop somewhere between Charlottesville & Richmond.....they came across it while searching for bow shops in our area online. Just look at that form! While in the shop, Clay said Michael was trying out the different bows & the guy was REALLY impressed with Michael's form when he drew the bow back & asked if he had ever shot before. Clay laughed & told him about the bear Michael killed last year & told the guy how both boys practice ALL the time! Another benefit of homeschooling. I told Michael that his teacher just gave him an A+ in archery after hearing that guy praise him the way he did!

The new Bear Assault Bow. He is one happy camper!!!

I'm so thankful that they get to spend time outside doing the things they are passionate about!


Sandee said...

That is the strangest looking bow I've ever seen! Is it just for bears? And who is that cute little kitten in the photo with Chris and Michael?

Amy said...

That's JON & Michael....not ebven sure which kitty that is....I didn't even notice. LOL! And his bow will shoot bear, deer, whatever. That's basically what they all look like.