Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crochet & Scrappin'

It felt so weird this evening with just the two youngest kids here with me. So quiet. I fixed an early supper of home-made mac& cheese & sandwiches because Chris & Jon were headed out for the evening. Some friends of theirs from church have a band & they were going to be playing at a little coffee shop in town called the Drowsy Poet. They were picking Ashley up too. I love the fact that they are all such good friends.....that they enjoy hanging out & doing things TOGETHER! Such a blessing!! Anyway, after our earlier-than-usual supper, I decided to take my crocheting outside under the Dogwood tree for a while. It was SO nice out.....the sun was hanging low over the mountain & the nicest little breeze was blowing. And so I sat & enjoyed some quiet hooky time.....working on my hexes.

They're coming along nicely & I should be done here very soon. I'll be glad because I've got the 'itch' to start on something new.

Pablo was enjoying the evening along with me.

Here are a couple of cards that I recently finished up. They were done for a challenge to use dryer sheets to make some layered flowers. Since I don't use dryer sheets, I decided I'd use an old coffee filter. The card on the right has the coffee filter flower.....bunches of layers with some glitter glue decorating the edges & a decorative brad center. The flower on the left was made from the paper towel that I dried the coffee filter on. It had also taken on that cool coffee-stained look & I hated to just throw it out, so I made a flower out that too. I love how they turned out & will definitely be saving some more of my coffee filters for future use. ;-)

This challenge was 'Back to Basics' patterned papers, but we could stamp card stock with ink/stamps to make our own patterns & also no fancy embellishments, but we could use punches and/or diecuts. I went VERY simple on this one since I had a lot of pictures. The pictures were taken back in 1992 when they opened the Walton's Mt. Museum up the road here in Schuyler, VA & several of The Walton's cast members were here to help them celebrate.

Some OLD pictures of Clay....taken in his dorm at Liberty back in 1984. This was done for a sketch challenge & we also had to use red/white/blue on our layout.....which worked out perfectly with photos at LU.


Cindy Gay said...

I love your cards. (I have one displayed on my sewing machine). Like the coffee filter flowers. Also the lo of Clay in the dorm. Morgantown was buzzing today with students back in town!

Amy said...

Yeah, poor Lynchburg was over-run this past week with the return of LU students. I heard that all the hotels around were totally booked.....just like in May for graduation. Things will settle down a bit here now when all the parents go home. ;-)

Tracey ~ GardenOfGrace said...

Amy, your crochet work is amazing!! I put my best attempt at a pattern for my little flowers. If you have any suggestions for better wording in my pattern, I'd love to know. I just barely dabble in crochet and put a couple patterns together to come up with them, so don't have a pattern from someone who knows the proper terminology. :-) ~ Blessings