Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Saturday, School-Shopping & my new Swiffer

I know I'm behind in posting this, but.....well......I'm just now getting around to it, ok. Saturday morning the girls & I headed in to town. I dropped Ashley off to meet up with Logan so the two of them could spend the day doing some clothes shopping for school. I think they had a really fun day of shopping & enjoying lunch together at La Carreta. Ah, the memories made........... After dropping Ashley off, I headed to McDonald's to meet up with Ella so Alli could go spend the night with Cori. We had a nice lunch/visit together at McDs. We also had a good laugh about a call I had gotten from Sarah a little earlier. While dropping Ashley off, my cell phone rang....I answered it totally expecting to talk to Clay.....no one else ever calls me. So, I was thrown off by the woman's voice....plus I was having a hard time hearing. I then, thought it was Ella calling me.....wanting to know 'Where was I?' I thought.....good grief....I wasn't even late yet to meet her......& it was then that I realized it was Sarah. She was all excited telling me about finding something at a yard sale for a dollar. When I didn't quite catch what she said, I asked again. I STILL couldn't quite get what she was saying......all I could think was that it sounded something like a 'flipper'. I didn't ask anymore because I was trying to hurry off the phone, as not to be rude to Becky & Logan who were standing there waiting on me......but my curiosity was getting the best of me. I wanted to know what she had found for me because I could tell she was excited about whatever it was. She had also told me she had run into Ella while yard-saling. So..........when I caught up with Ella, I asked her if she knew what in the world Sarah had gotten for me for just a dollar. Come to find out she had gotten me this cool 'Swiffer'.....not a 'Flipper'! LOL!!

The more I thought about the whole cell phone deal, the more I laughed about it. She was so excited because we had just been talking the day before about how I really wanted a swiffer because I had a crochet/knit pattern to make the little dust covers for the swiffer......with those you can just pitch them in the washer & use them again. And so she had said she'd be on the look-out for me whenever she yard-saled. That's why all the excitement over my lovely new swiffer.....for only $1. Oh the little joys that Jesus sends our way!

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