Tuesday, December 06, 2011


I got the idea for these nifty little calendars from my friend, Jewels. You can check out her blog here.....Joy N Jesus. They are just plain desk calendars that you can find in the dollar bins at Target. Spiff them up a little bit & they make awesome Christmas gifts. I bought about 6 of them the other day & I think I need to go back for a few more. Because, who doesn't need a calendar, right? These two that I made today are for Ashley & her room-mate, Taheshah. I still need to make on for Emily....I just ran out of glue sticks for my hot glue gun. I figured they would make terrific gifts for these college girls to go on their desks & help keep their days organized.

I added some ribbon across the top & some silk flowers with button centers & a little bling.....
And in the bottom corner I added a glittered chipboard initial for each girl with a little ribbon, string & another small flower. Do you think they will like these?

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Fatcat said...

They're really cute. My only concern would be that since I'm right handed, I'd rub my arm on the initial and get glitter on my arm every day.