Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas countdown

Just thought I'd take a minute & catch you up on what's been going on around here. We've been busy to say the least!

Christmas Snickerdoodles. Would love to say these were baked  for our Cookie Swap party we're having tomorrow at Maw's.....but these are long gone. LOL! Will have to bake some more this afternoon.
In between pans of cookies....I was working on my little crocheted candy cane ornaments. I'm hoping to make enough to share at our Cookie Swap.  

On my scrapping message board...Cookin' Up Creations   we were talking about home-made gifts & so I took a few pictures yesterday afternoon of some of the goodies I've been working on this year. I know I posted before the altered desk calendars that I made for Ashley & her's another one I did yesterday. So easy & fun to make!
How about a giant Hershey's bar.....spruced up with some scrappy-scraps.
This is called an 'Infinity Scarf''s a Forever 21 knock-off.....& I found the idea on Pinterest. You can check out the pattern HERE.  It was super quick & easy to make!!
Another Infinity Scarf in mustard. Pardon the cr@ppy picture.....I got Alli to model the purple one, but I had to model this one & take a picture in my bedroom mirror.....kinda dark & never mind how well the scarf goes with my red Liberty shirt. LOL!
And just a little cuteness to brighten your day. Jon & Rocky kept trying to poke their faces in the picture when I was taking the ones of Alli with the cowl. So, I finally just gave in & took one of them so they'd leave me alone.


Cindy Gay said...

The scarf and the candy canes are great! Merry Christmas my friend!

Mama Teaching 3 said...

I made about five of those candy canes this Christmas. :) I loved them.

The scarfs are great.