Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Cards

I'm a little slow getting going this year, but over the past few days, I think I've finally hit my groove. I've used alot of the challenges at Cookin' Up Creations  as my inspiration. In years past I've done them assembly line style......all the same....& they really do work up quickly that way, but I just was NOT in the mood up until recently. Don't know why, but anyway. So, this year they will all be different....individual....unique!

This one is a gift card holder made out of a flattened toilet paper tube. Now how creative is that?! I cut the little notch out with my circle punch to make it easier to pull the GC (which I haven't purchased yet) out.
These were done for a challenge to use sewing/stitching on your project.
This challenge was to use a bird on your project.
For this challenge we were presented with 4 pieces of artwork & we were to draw our inspiration from them.
This was a sketch challenge.
For this one, we were to use an accordian-fold flower on our project.
And lastly.....just three that I did that didn't necessarily meet any challenge.   
Now, I just need to go curl up with my address book & start addressing envies & get these babies ready to go in the mail this week!

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Cindy Gay said...

The gift card holder is especially nice. All the cards are perfect.