Monday, December 05, 2011

Monday, Monday....... was certainly a MONDAY, that's for sure!! Some of you might remember a few years back when I was waiting up late one night for Chris to get home from work & our tree fell over.....spilling water everywhere & breaking some of our special ornaments, etc. Well, evidently it happened last night around midnight......while I was upstairs snoozing away. I didn't have a clue until I came down this morning & saw all the ornaments spread across the piano & all the lights & beads hanging all askew on the tree. We must remember to ALWAYS tie that silly thing to the bookcase from now on! Anyways.....after lunch we spent a good part of the afternoon getting the tree all situated & tied to the bookcase. Then I had to redo all the lights & beads & again, I let the kids take it after that & do all the redecorating. That was NOT on my list of things to do on this MONDAY! I have plenty of crafty/scrappy/hooky projects that I REALLY need to be working on for Christmas gift-giving. I did manage (between redecorating the tree & doing laundry & changing the sheets on the beds) to get one more layout done for Clay's NY album.

I was able to combine it with one of the challenges at Cookin' Up Creations for the month of December. We're trying to keep things simple this month so folks can still be able to scrap even during this buy time of year. We're revisiting some of our favorite challenges that have been done over the past year. And this page was done using one of the sketch challenges that Sandy posted.
And here's my 'Happy' for the day. In the midst of all my craziness & fussing/cussing about the tree.....finding this in my mailbox this evening totally brought a smile to my face & just made my day!
Here's the story behind this book:

FRIENDS - I have an idea!! I'd like to match you reader friends up to help each other this Christmas season! If you have a used copy of LONGING you could donate to one of our FB reader friends here, contact me at and write DONOR IN THE U.S in the subject line. If you can't afford a copy of LONGING this year, write to me and say WAITING IN THE U.S. Please INCLUDE YOUR COUNTRY. My staff will match up donors and recipients by nationality, so YOU can mail books to those in need and maybe make a friend, too. Sound good? Have a blessed day, friends :) Love you all :)
I read this on Karen's facebook page & posted that I'd love to read this & in no time at all I had received an email from her office saying I'd been matched with a donor. And right after that, I received another email from my new friend asking for my address & telling me that she'd be mailing me the book right away. I think this was such an inspired idea! What a great way to share at this Christmas season. I can't wait to start reading this tonight & then I plan on passing it along also so I can share the love too!

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