Thursday, December 01, 2011

Just call me the Road Runner!

Oh my goodness, I don't even know where to begin with the story of our 'new' van! I'm not even sure if I could get it all down in words just right, but I need to try. Sunday afternoon Clay home from work saying he wanted to ride out to Charlottesville to look at a van he'd found on Craigslist. So, we all piled in.....Ashley had her stuff all loaded to go back to school & off we went. We were pretty impressed at first, Clay & Jon test drove it & really ran it hard & checked things over, but then we found out it had been wrecked on the passenger side & a kind of wonky repair job done. So, we told the guy we'd think about it........Back from Charlottesville & it was getting kind of late....almost 7pm & we STILL had to take Ashley back to school & no one had eaten any we called Chris at Food Lion (he was getting off at 7pm) & told him to wait. We swung by there, dropped all the guys off  to go home with Chris & eat while the girls & I ran through McD's drive-thru & then headed on to Lynchburg. It was after 9pm by the time we got back home.

Monday: Clay & Jon talk to the guy & ask if they can come back & look at the van in the daylight. So, they headed back to C'ville again. They also figured they could check out some used car lots along the way while there too. After talking to different friends & doing some research & seeing the van in the daylight....they decided it didn't look as bad as they thought & David B told him as long as the damage was only cosmetic, that he thought it would be a good deal. Well, Clay & the guy have been texting back & forth for two days at this point, but somehow texts had gotten missed & in the midst of their deliberating, Clay realized there was someone else coming all the way from Roanoke to look at the van & willing to pay the price this guy was actually asking for it. Clay & the guy both felt really bad for the mix-up but Clay was resigned knowing that maybe God was protecting us from something we shouldn't do. I tell ya, my emotions were all over the place these last few days....up & down & all twisted around. LOL! I was at home just praying! Praying that God would & close the right doors & most of all to give us wisdom & patience to wait when we needed to & just to protect us. After being gone most all day, Clay just told the guy he was tired & heading home & whatever happened just to let him know one way or the other.  Monday night: Clay gets a call from the guy saying the folks from Roanoke came but wouldn't pay the asking price like they said & so he just told them NO, that he had already promised it to us. Wow!


Tuesday: Clay & I head out early Tuesday morning back to C'ville again to meet this guy at UVA hospital where he works. We get the title & keys, pay the guy & head over to the DMV. Come to find out when we get there that we don't have the right title. We had the original one, but a newer one had been issued since. I begin to freak out.....but KNOW I just need to pray instead. KNOWING that God wouldn't bring us to this point & have it all go wrong. Back to the hospital.....we give him the old title & keys back & bless his heart, he handed us our money back....all of it! (Whew!!) with the promise to get things right & get back to us. So from there on Tuesday afternoon we come back home....go by Food Lion where Chris is at work & get the blue car from him.....grab us a quick bite at McD's again (I'm getting tired of eating out. YUK!) & head on to Lynchburg turn our rental in. We finally got home around supper time. I know God must have a purpose to all this craziness! So, Clay has no more days off at this point.....he had to go back to work on Wed. plus Ashley was getting baptized at Campus Church Wed. night & we were hoping to have all this squared away by then. God has promised to supply all of our I try to just rest in Him.


Wednesday: Clay calls me from work, saying he's talked to the all the paperwork & he would be leaving work a little early & I was to meet him out at Food Lion at 1pm so we could go to C'ville YET AGAIN! This time the guy would meet us at the DMV & make sure all that went through properly before any money changed hands. After that was done, we drove out to his house to pick up OUR 'NEW' van. We cam rolling back in the house right about 5pm & I immediately set about whipping up some home-made ronis & fixing grilled cheeses for supper. I will be SO glad to finally have a day at home where I can just do the regular mundane things like laundry, wash dishes, cook etc. Really gives me a new appreciation for my job. I don't envy these folks at all that have to get up & go every morning & roll back in around suppertime each night. I just don't have it in me to do that. Anyways.....we scarfed down some supper, got dressed & headed back out the door just a little after 6pm heading to Lynchburg AGAIN. (LOL....we've been burning up the road between Charlottesville & Lynchburg!) This time we were all riding in our 'new' van.

After all our running, believe it or not, we actually got there on time.....with time to spare really. I was able to sneak upstairs before the service & get a quick picture with my Ashley-Girl!
Ashley was thrilled to be baptized by Johnnie Moore!
'Buried with Him in baptism....raised to walk in newness of life!'
Wow.....what it does to a mama's heart to see her children following after Jesus! And as I sat there, I looked at the two rows we filled up......Jon, Michael, Daniel, Chris, Clay, me, Anna, Alli, Sarah, David & Maw......& I was just overwhelmed with thankfulness for my family!! I'm always hearing Maw tell me stories of friends who don't get along with their families & it's just so sad. I have a hard time imagining that. There's nothing better in the whole wide world than having everyone come together to celebrate the special moments like we did last night! I love all you guys SO much!!!!!

Whew.......I did it! Told ya, it was a story & a half! Just so ya know....I'm not going ANYWHERE today. I will revel in doing laundry & straightening up around here.

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