Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

This is what I'm listening to right now. My Black Friday special from Target today....for only $5.99!

Silent's one of my favorites!
And NO way did I get out there in the thick of things for Black Friday shopping!! Chris & Jon went last night.....they were on a mission to get the PS3 game system on sale (they put their money together) at Game Stop. They were actually first in line & had a blast hanging out together & they DID get what they went after. But me, I was home all nestled all snug in my bed.....with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. ;-) The girls & I headed out today for our usual Friday grocery shopping & lunch. We met Maw, Ella, Cori, Sarah & kids at Cracker Barrel. We had a really nice lunch visit together. Then we all headed over to Target. I had ALL the kids with me. Everyone wanted to ride in my AWESOME van today! We were laughing out in the Cracker Barrel parking lot.....saying how easily we all were amused. I was showing them how the little camera shot came up on the dash board when the van is in Reverse so you can see what's behind you. Sarah was back there trying to find out exactly where the camera was located. It was SO funny! She finally figured out that it was down on the license plate. I know we were quite a sight out there as we giggled & carried on! We DO have fun when we get together. I picked up a few deals at Target....nothing major. The above cd plus the Trans-Siberian Orchestra 'The Lost Christmas Eve'. That was also just $5.99. And I picked up a couple of Christmas gifts.......I had to do like Maw used to do when we were with her......'just pretend you didn't see me buying this.' From there we just did Sams & Walmart & then home. Like I said's the 'simple', 'little' things that bring us such pleasure & for that I'm most grateful. While at Sams....Ashley was asking if we could make a quick Starbucks run. And for whatever reason, she was telling Alli how awesome it was to finally have the bridge going across Ward's Road so the college kids can get to Walmart & all without having to actually cross the highway. Then she got the bright idea of asking if she & Alli could go ahead....while I was checking out at Alli could walk across the bridge over to Starbucks & then I'd just come pick them up when I was done.
They were tickled to death when I said they could!! See, what did I tell you? Who would've ever thought that something as simple as walking across the bridge over to Starbucks could bring such pleasure. It's the little things like that, that I want to tuck away & remember forever!


This was done for a challenge where we cropped our pics into small squares (ok, so mine are more wallet-size than SQUARE, but hey!) Sarah did a photo shoot with Chris one time when we were at Maw's visiting. He was 'Almost 3'....if you notice the first pic on the middle row....that's what he's showing you....his THREE fingers. ;-)
Easter 1992...Sarah, Aunt Kitty, Uncle Richard & Maw....Pop was taking the picture.
More 1992 pictures.....Chris was helping Maw freeze peas. Such fun!!

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Great layouts and a fun time with your family!