Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A Little Everyday

I've just been reading Lucy's blog... Attic24 ...I really love how she revels in the simple little everyday moments. She loves her family & loves life. I come away from her blog feeling like I would love to spend time with her in her little corner of the world. It makes me want to be more aware....take more notice of the simple little pleasures/blessings that God gives us each & every day. So, with that in mind I want to share with you a little bit of my ordinary day today.

I enjoyed a nice quiet morning.....a cup of coffee (with yummy peppermint mocha creamer. Did you know they make it in the LARGE sized container this year? YES!!) & some cheese toast for breakfast....thanks to my friend, Jan who planted the idea of cheese toast in my brain.

The boys didn't get up to go hunting this morning....they chose to stay in their warm, cozy beds & snooze.  Can't say as I blame them there.

School lessons were assigned & Chris gathered his stuff together. He worked from 2-8pm today & then headed straight to Lynchburg to spend the night with his old room-mate, Damian. His other roomie, Matt was bringing his younger brother down for College-for-a-Weekend at Liberty & so all the old roomies were going to spend some time together just hanging out & catching up on their post-college lives. So thankful for good friends & that they are still able to get together!

After I got Chris on his way, I headed outside with my crochet bag to enjoy this lovely 60 degree weather & the awesome fall sunshine. Ashley had found a picture of the cutest little mug cozy online & wanted to know if I could try & make her one. So, within just about an hour, this is what I had come up with.
Michael decided he needed to be in the picture too. He's such an awesome model!
I'll take orders if anybody wants one. ;-)
And a few scrappy creations from yesterday to round out my craftiness for the day. Chris & Sarah were making cupcakes.
Here, Chris was watching something on TV at Maw's house. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it had been some sort of Kirk Talley video. ;-)
After my afternoon craftiness, I came inside & tidied up the kitchen while I set about making a pot of home-made potato soup for supper....per Jon's request.  And in between all this, I washed & folded several loads of laundry. Now, I think I might just settle down with my book & read for a while before I head off to dreamland.

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Mama Teaching 3 said...

Man, I have been meaning to make a few little mug clothes for the hubby and I for when we go to starbucks. It is our little treat once in a while. :) I love your cozy. :)