Sunday, November 06, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

As usual these days, my weekends have been super busy! Friday, Alli & I met Ashley & went to see 'Little Shop of Horrors' at the LU Tower Theater. This was Alli's first ever theater experience & I think that we just might possibly be able to convince her to go with us again. ;-)

Saturday, was the last LU football game against VMI & Jon was having a tizzy to go. Of course, I had put off getting groceries on Friday since we were going to the play & I had planned on getting up early Saturday morning & going, but then I realized just how badly Jon wanted to go to the football game. So......I told him I'd take him, but he had to go with me to get groceries too. We headed out about noon, got our groceries & packed the refrigerated stuff into the cooler......grabbed a bite to eat at Wendy's & then headed on in to town for the game.
The Riddler, Joker & Two Face were in the crowd just behind us.
During half-time they honored all the branches of our military.
LU's marching band....The Spirit of the Mountain...playing the Spiderman theme. 

While yesterday was the last football game of the season at LU, it was also Opening Day of muzzle load season. Jon went hunting in the morning, but chose the football game over hunting that afternoon. Clay & Michael jokingly said they were each going to shoot a buck & give Jon a hard time about going to the game. Well, wouldn't you know that just about the time the band started to play at the end of the game that I got a call from Clay telling me that he & Michael had BOTH shot a buck. LOL!
So, thankful that we got that extra hour of sleep last night. After getting home from the game about 8pm....having to put all the groceries away.....fix a quick supper of tacos....all while the boys are dragging deer out of the woods & skinning/cleaning & whatnot. It was quite a long day. But a fun day full of memories to tuck away. I love days like that!!

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