Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Going with the Flow.........

I told Maw this morning that's what I was going to do today.............just go with the flow. It's about all I can do when Clay is off work & hunting season is in full swing. you just never know quite what a day might hold. Jon was the only one to get up & go hunting this morning. Clay was tired & Michael kind of had a headache. So, I enjoyed my nice quiet cup of coffee until Jon got back. By that time, Clay was up & the others followed very shortly. Of course Jon was ready for 'second breakfast' by then so Clay threw some deer meat in the frying pan along with some eggs & they were all Happy Campers. Their BIG project of the day was going to be a major meat production. They HAD to get some of the hams & shoulders out of the fridge & ground up just to have room before they could possibly bring anymore deer home. So.........I did my kitchen chores, put the laundry in & told them I'd be outside crocheting, working on some Christmas gifts. My plan was just to stay out of their way until they were done. Yeah right!

This is what it looked like when I headed outside. At least Clay had the brilliant idea of using some plastic drop-cloth stuff to cover the floor & the table. That way, when they were all done it could just be wadded up & thrown away.  I came in about 1pm to get a drink & found myself recruited. Clay had other chores for Jon to do like fix the tire on the lawn mower & change the oil in the 4-wheeler. So I was chosen to be the 'Grinder'. I ground, weighed & bagged up FORTY-FOUR........yep, 44 pounds of burger this afternoon! We worked hard for a good 3 hours. They had a little head start on me, but I also got left with all the washing up afterwards too. So, I guess it all evened out. Clay told them this was their 'Homework' for today. LOL! I love homeschooling!
I have very limited counter space to begin with & with the table taken over, I ended up stacking the packaged meat on top of the microwave until it could be taken out to the freezer.
The crock pot usually sits on top of the microwave, but I had set it on the floor while I worked. It was full of packaged deer meat too!

After all our hard work, Clay rewarded us with Vitos pizza for supper so I wouldn't have to cook. That was a super nice treat in my opinion! I'm pooped now, but oh so thankful to have all that burger in our freezer!! And that we spent the whole afternoon working together as a family.....what a blessing!!

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Sandee said...

Let's just hope that your electricity never goes out... or you'd be in a world of hurt! What a great family of providers y'all are.