Monday, November 14, 2011


Thought I'd post my latest pages that I have done. Didn't realize that I had five sitting over here that I hadn't shared yet.

I'm still digging into my stash & scrapping pictures from 'Way Back'. These pics are from a 'Play Date' that we had at Maw's house with Wende & Loren Gaylor. Chris was almost 3 & Loren was 2.
Look at Jon stuffing his face in that top left pic.....Hee! Hee! He & Ashley were enjoying a snack of Honeycombs in Maw's kitchen floor. The kids were looking at these the other day & remembering how much they loved those Planet Hollywood shirts that Sarah brought them back from TX. That Gorilla one was just perfect for Jon. ;-)
Gibbs & Rocky 'Catching Some Zzzs' on the couch. Granted they are not snuggled up close together or anything....but they ARE sleeping on the same couch at the same time & that's about as close as those two get.
Thanksgiving dinner at Maw's.....1986...a few months before we got married. I love that we have these pics of Miss Betty. Too bad we don't have any videos of her. LOL!
And lastly, we have Chris & Maw making some 'Bo-Lerry' (Blueberry) muffins. This was for a challenge to share a favorite/special recipe. I loved this photo & yes, I DO know that he's holding a BOX of muffin mix, but I also included the recipe for our more 'Home-made' version using Bisquick as a base. So all is well. ;-)

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Cindy Gay said...

Great fancy cutting in the top layout. Love the picture of you just after you got married and your Mom and Chris making cookies. Lots of memories.