Friday, December 30, 2011


Wow.....I've been so slack in my blogging! BUT....I have a some-what good excuse......our router died. At first we just thought something was up with the internet, but then figured out it was our poor old router we've had for a good while. So....from Christmas Day until just day-before-yesterday I've been without a computer. And I'm just now getting here to share Christmas pics & what-not. Below, is a picture I took of Clay's laptop......the kids fixed this screen-saver for him. It's kind of a little joke around here.....back on Clay's 43rd birthday, I think it was.....he made a slip & said something about turning 44 in a few days instead of 43. The kids thought that was hilarious....that he was thinking himself a year older than he really was going to be. So, from then on, everyone's always teasing him about being a year older than he really is.

One day last week.....I don't even remember WHICH day last week at this point, LOL!.....the kids made gingerbread cookies. If you happen to remember from last year, we ended up with several fun cookies...... a 'Jamie Hyneman' (Mythbusters) cookie is the one that really stands out for me. So this year Alli was determined that she was going to make a Taylor Swift cookie for Jon.......
...and not to be outdone, Jon made this lovely  Scotty McCreery cookie for Alli.

Our Christmas tree on Christmas morning.
Alli with one of her new Taylor Swift cds.
Well, I was trying to get a picture of Chris.....& Michael just HAD to stick his face in front of the camera. Such a ham!!
Chris' new computer drawing toy!
There are no words......Jon thinks Santa looks like he has his finger stuck up his nose. LOL!
REAL homemade honey from right here in Lovingston!
Charlie had enough Christmas & decided to take a little snooze in the middle of all the wrapping paper.
Clay looking through his NY album....not quite finished, but I wrapped it up anyway. I think he really liked it. He liked all the 'Googled' info I had looked up about everything. I'll continue to post the layouts as I finish them. I've managed to do a few more even since then.
Christmas evening at Maw's house.....Daniel dressed up like his little Elf friend. Doesn't he make the cutest little elf?!
Ummmm........Clay & his Bow Boobs. He made Sarah & I promise NOT to post this on Facebook.....but I never said I wouldn't share it here. Hee! Hee!
The other day, I was straightening up some of the Christmas clutter & stacked several boxes out on the back porch to be taken to the dump.......
For some reason I don't think the critters were ready to let them go. Charlie LOVED that chicken box from Sam' really did make a nice cozy little hidey-hole-house for him. Now Rocky....he wasn't too sure about being perched up on top there. Jon put him there so Alli could take his picture, but I think he was happier to get back on the ground again. They do look like they've got some little critter condo thing going on there, don't they?

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Fatcat said...

Welcome back! It looks like you all had a really nice Christmas. Your tree is so pretty!