Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's All About Balance!

Playing 'catch-up' again with my blog today. After Pastor Jonathan's sermon Sunday morning about DISTRACTIONS in our families.......the computer being one of them.......& learning BALANCE, I've been trying to limit my time on this thing. That being plan is to update my blog once....possibly twice a week now. So without further ado here's a recap of my weekend.

Alli went home with Cori on Friday to spend the weekend.
That afternoon they took a walk down to the creek....
February & they have their toes in the creek!
Cori's cat, Maddy. Just look at that fat belly!
My first daffodils of the season....picked Sunday afternoon as I took my walk.
Kristi is my knitting idol & I fell in love with this one dishcloth that she had posted a picture of so I suggested we swap. A knitted dishcloth for one my crocheted ones. Well, I got the dishcloth from her last week & it was even cooler in person. I totally loved the pattern & thought it looked really difficult. My knitting expertise is basically limited to plain ole square dishcloths, but I decided that I would go in search of this pattern on google....just out of curiosity. Well, I found it easily enough & honestly, I didn't think it seemed too hard so I decided to grab my needles & give it a whirl. It was SO simple & quick to do. I couldn't believe that 'I' was knitting this cool dishcloth. I'm finishing up the last little section right now & will post pictures of the finished product when I'm done. I'm quite proud of myself for pushing myself & learning something new. ;-)


Cindy Gay said...

Hey I love that dish cloth (you made me one!) and I have a similarly built cat.............

Fatcat said...

Balance? I'm not familiar with the concept! :-P