Sunday, February 19, 2012


Who would've believed it?! Yesterday was almost 60 degrees outside & today we have this!

We went into church this morning & it was just gray & cloudy outside.....came out an hour later & it was POURING! Ashley decided to stay put in her dorm this afternoon instead of going over to Maw's like she usually does. I was really glad she decided this....I think it was the smart thing to do. She & Emily have been getting homework done & plan to watch a movie later on this evening. They are all praying that classes just might possibly be canceled tomorrow. ;-) Ran by Maw's real quick to let her know that Ashley was going to stay in. Got a quick little visit in with Wendy & then we headed home. It was getting pretty bad on the way home.....they were already starting to plow the highway......visibility was only about 40 yards in front of us & we were only going about 45 mph. Finally got home around 3pm. Took these few pictures outside & then I came in & changed into my warm flannel jammie pants & a cozy hoodie. Ready to fix some tacos now & go curl up by the fire & watch a movie.


Fatcat said...

I guess you all got the snow we were supposed to have. I'm glad we didn't get it because my daughter was a D-now all weekend. The snow pics are so pretty!

We had tacos today too. :-)

Sandee said...

...not that I'm overly fond of snow, but we just haven't had much. Haven't had much rain either. Strange weather patterns around the globe.

Cindy Gay said...

Great pictures. We're almost 40 here today.