Monday, February 06, 2012

Manic Monday

Are y'all singing with me now? Kinda glad it IS Monday.....hopefully today will be a little less stressful than yesterday was. LOL!

I thought it was going to be a nice relaxing day since we weren't going anywhere....ya know, spend the afternoon scrapping while the guys watched all their football stuff & then I'd take Ashley back to school. Yeah right!  I spent the afternoon folding & sorting laundry to make sure she had all her stuff ready to go. One last load of dark clothes to wash was all I had to do....but for some reason my idiot washer wasn't wanting to start. I would hit 'cancel' & try again......unplug/replug & try again.....I'm getting mad now.....fussing about technology & all this computerized stuff & wishing I had my OLD washer back......the boys are trying to figure it out....come to find out one of the little plastic prongs on the door had broken off into the slot so it wasn't shutting/locking properly. Clay looked it up online & it cost $30 to replace this stupid little piece of plastic & of course, it's Sunday.....can't do ANYTHING about it on Sunday.....but he orders the piece & tells me it will be here by Wednesday. WEDNESDAY, I tell ya......a house full of SIX people with no washer until Wednesday. I know it's not really THAT bad.....could be much worse, but still. Throw in a little PMS & I was kinda growling my way through yesterday.  I just told the kids DO NOT get their clothes dirty because I refuse to wash the heavy stuff like jeans & whatnot by hand in the sink!!!!!! The undies, socks, shirts are ok....but they'd just better watch it. I washed the few items of HERS that needed to be done in the sink yesterday & was ever so grateful that at least the dryer worked!! Anyways.......hoping to start today afresh & be able to finish those Valentines I have laid out all over my table. I'm doing a really cute owl paper piecing & I can't wait to show y'all.  I'm also gonna get the crop chef challenge from over at Cookin' Up Creations done today.....I AM....I REALLY, REALLY AM! That was what I had planned for yesterday afternoon, but hey.....sometimes LIFE gets in the way. LOL!


Fatcat said...

Just another manic Monday
Wish it was Sunday
That's my fun day.

Thanks, now I got that song in my head!

Can't wait to see that little owl thing. Owls are so cute!

Sandee said...

Here's a secret the manufacturers do not want us to know: Products used to last a long time or if something broke, it was an inexpensive fix. Now, they make more money in the replacement parts than anything else.
My brother-in-law owns a huge cabinet mfg. business in CA. They used to get their hinges from Italy and they came with a life time guarantee. That is, unfortunately, until he found much cheaper ones from China which only last about 3 years. No more guarantees and folks have to order new hinges when they break and he charges way more than he pays.
So they use inferior products just so they will break.
Of course, not all do that, but it does happen.