Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Week in Review's been a few days since I last posted here. I've had a BUSY week!! Monday was filled with preparations for our Valentine Party. I finished making cards, dishcloths & putting little treats together for the kids. Made Mexican Dip & plenty of sweet tea. ;-) Tuesday.....Happy Love Day! I came downstairs to find this waiting for me by the computer.

I was so tickled! I had just finished up the book the day before. It was SO good & I was wanting to see the movie. Then Ella happened to tell me that it was on sale for $9 at Target this week. So I 'not-so-subtley' hinted to Clay that this would make a nice Valentine treat. Isn't he the sweetest? So, after a full day of fun & laughing & carrying at Maw's on Tuesday, we came home to watch the new episode of '19 Kids & Counting' & then I headed upstairs with Clay's laptop to watch my new movie. It was good......but I must say that the book was WAY better! Wednesday was spent with at least one eye on the window all day......we were waiting for the Fedex man to bring my washing machine part & the UPS guy to bring Chris' new laptop that he had ordered. Finally late that afternoon, I got my washer part & Jon got that fixed for me so I could start playing 'catch-up' with my laundry. And right after that came.....Chris' laptop arrived.

Here's his new toy. He was pretty tickled & spent the rest of the evening playing with it. Jon & I got the grill going early & grilled some BBQ chicken for supper & pretty much as soon as Clay got home from work Jon & I turned around & headed out to go meet Ashley at Campus Church & hear Clayton King speak.
He's awesome & all the kids love him! He's doing a series on dating/relationships/marriage right now. I sat there listening to him speak quite candidly with these college kids & just was overwhelmed with thankfulness that my kids are able to be a part of this. It's hard to put into words....but there was just a feeling in the room Wednesday the end, there were tons of kids down front at the alter. Clayton would walk back & forth & lay his hand on each one's back & pray over them. The Holy Spirit was definitely there moving. He closed with prayer & encouraged the ones down front to stay if they needed to, others could leave if they had to. It was just a GOOD night! Yesterday, Clay & the boys headed out to Richmond. Chris didn't have to work & so he was able to go with them. They had tickets to hear Red & Thousand Foot Krutch in concert last night but they left around 9am so they could make a day of it. They went to Bass Pro, Green Mt, the music store, etc. I'm so thankful that Clay takes the time to invest in his kids like this! He's such a good daddy!!  And while the guys were off having a 'Guy Day'....Alli & I headed in to town & met Maw, Sarah, Ella & the kids for lunch at CFA. We had such a nice visit. Got Ashley's groceries to her....along with some roses for them to take to Taheshah....she's in the LU musical 'Ragtime' & last night was Opening Night.                        
Emily, Taheshah & Ashley.....praise God for such sweet room-mates & friends!! The last stop of the day was to the Lynchburg Music Store. Alli just HAD to show Cori her 'dream guitar'.
Here she is with her Big Baby Taylor.
But after playing several different guitars....I think she's changed her mind. LOL...that's a girl's prerogative, right?! She's now in love with this Taylor. She says the sound is amazing!
We also happened to find just THE PERFECT Easter dress yesterday at Target. Y'all know I hardly ever pay full price for anything.....but this was one of those times. Shame on me....but sometimes ya just gotta do it, ya know. She has been wanting a simple little white dress for a good while now. And this was just perfect & looked so cute with those dang cowboy boots! How could I resist? Now, we'll just need to find Ashley an Easter dress.
And lastly.....a picture of my 'healthy' lunch today. I had been wanting a pineapple for a few weeks now & just broke down & got one yesterday at Sams. Goodness was it yummy! I had turkey on whole wheat with lettuce & maters along with my apple & pineapple & a few Sunchips on the side.

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Like that healthy lunch! (looks like what I had for dinner!)