Monday, February 20, 2012

President's Day

My house is so full of music right now. I'm sitting here listening to Baby Girl in the living room playing on her new guitar. (yes, new guitar....I'll get to that in a minute.) And I can also hear Clay upstairs with the boys....he's playing around on Jon's electric guitar. We've been investing in their musical pursuits. Within just a year of getting her first guitar, Alli has learned SO much. She plays SO good & all the time now & she had truly outgrown her cheap little guitar we got her for starters. So, after a trip to the music store near Richmond today, she came home with a new Martin guitar. Clay & the boys had gone there Friday when they were in Richmond. This is the place where Michael spent his Christmas money on a bass.

Michael with his new 'Christmas' toy.
Daddy can always make us laugh!
Rocky was enjoying his little bedroom concert.
Alli-Cat with her new guitar
Playing Taylor Swift.......
'Our song is the way he laughs
The first date man, I didn't kiss him and I should have
And when I got home, 'fore I said amen
Asking God if He could play it again
Play it again, oh, yeah, oh, oh, yeah

The snow was so beautiful! I took these pretty early this morning....before it started really melting. Our power kept going off & on last night....but I thought we were safe when I went to sleep around 11pm.....only to get woken up by the QUIET somewhere between 2-3am when the power went out & stayed out. We were without power for 14 hours!! Didn't get it back on til around 5:30pm this evening. I got a lot of crafty stuff done today. LOL! I finished a knitted dishcloth I was working on this morning. Then moved on to my 'Ribbon Afghan' I started crocheting. After Clay & the kids left for the music store, I moved in here to my scrap table & did two layouts (which I will scan & post tomorrow.) After that I went upstairs & laid across my bed in the warm sunshine & read until about 5pm. As soon as the power came back on, I made a bee-line for the shower! ;-) And feeling all fresh & clean, I came back down to tackle my sink full of dirty dishes & put a pot of chili on to have for supper. Just now finishing up a nice cup of coffee that Jon made for me & getting ready to take myself to bed now.

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Sandee said...

I can almost hear Alli singing through that photo. But wait! Why not video her, upload it to YouTube then post it on your blog and we can all listen to her music!