Saturday, November 03, 2012

Bargains & a Birthday Kitty

Alli & I were excited as we set out for town yesterday. We were on a mission to see what kind of 'After Halloween' bargains we might be able to find. And I must say, I was pretty pleased with what we found.
This first batch of goodies came from Walmart. We spent just about $5 here. The most expensive thing was the Tie-Dye kit which was something like $2.47...and that's with everything included...the dyes, soda ash, rubber gloves, rubber bands & some extra little decal thingies. The long black gloves were just a tad over $1 & the other stuff.....'caution tape', mini skull erasers & white face paint.....were all like .47.
These goodies came from Michael's & Target. The candy goodies were for the kids to have NOW.....since I really didn't do alot ahead of time. All the other goodies will go in my stash for next year. The candy bars were .38 each, Halloween Pez were .59, the sprinkles & little cupcake candies were both like were the little plastic decorative skulls & the two packs of paper plates to have for our party table next fall. There are two of the black plastic plates.....the girls & I use  these to eat on during the month of October. Those were a whopping .89.

Now, for the big 'Ta-Dah'........Drum roll, please..............

Alli found this little gem & brought it show me. She said, wouldn't it make an adorable Christmas dress. I asked how much........anyone care to guess??

****SIX DOLLARS**** could I say no? And the real kicker was when we got up to the cash register & the girl was ringing us up & she goes, 'Wow....what a deal! This was a $54 dress!!'  I about swallowed my tongue. A $54 dress for $6. What can I say but,  THANK YOU, JESUS!
Just look at the detail in the bodice. She was concerned what Daddy might think with it being off the shoulder like that......(which I thought was sweet of her to think about)......but she has a couple of little sweater/shrug type thingies that will work just fine with this. So, no worries there. Her Easter dress was actually strapless, but no one would have ever known because she wore a cute little lacey cami under it.
Up close details of those pretty rosettes on the shoulder.


Now, on to the Birthday kitty. Charlie celebrated his 4th birthday on Thursday. 
This cat LOVES peanut Alli made him a tiny peanut butter sandwich for his birthday treat.
'I can haz peanut butter?'
 Is this a spoiled kitty cat or what?!

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Fatcat said...

This is exactly the kind of thing Delaney does for our dog's birthdays. So cute.