Sunday, November 04, 2012

Cowls & Bears, Oh My!

So, here's the 'Ta-Dah' picture I promised of the green cowl I started crocheting the other day. I finished it last night & was able to wear it to church today. I love it! It's so soft & comfy.
Ashley was telling me Friday that several of her friends have complimented her mustard colored cowl that she wears all the time....and she was thinking that it might nice to have some Christmas gifts for her friends.'s the beginnings of the next one.
I mentioned on Facebook earlier that Clay & the kids had gone to the taxidermist. Well, this is what they came home with. Michael's bear that he killed two years ago when he was just 13. I didn't get a very good shot, but get the idea. His name is Jimmy & he will hanging on the wall in our Big Game Room (I mean, my living room...LOL) with all the other critters they've had mounted over the years.

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Fatcat said...

Delaney's making cowls and scarves like crazy right now too, for Christmas and the craft sale she does every December. Pretty!

I don't know about that bear though, LoL.