Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

And what a gorgeous Thanksgiving Day it was! Beautiful, I tell ya....with temps in the 60s & plenty of glorious sunshine. We spent a leisurely morning watching the Macy's parade & pointing out all the places that we now recognize from NYC. Pretty cool being able to say 'Yeah, I know where that is'.....'I remember being there'. While we were watching the parade, Ashley baked us some YUMMY home-made cinnamon buns. Then, after getting their bellies full, Clay & the boys headed outside to continue digging HOLES (remember that movie?) & working on our potty/septic tank problems. You might be thinking....what a bummer to have to work on that on Thanksgiving Day.....but my kids found a way to make even THAT project fun.
I knew Jon had taken his ipod out there & hooked it up in Clay's little car so they could hear some tunes while working. But later, I heard the car horn honk & I ran out to the porch to see if something was wrong & this is what I saw. The picture does not capture the moment appropriately at all. Imagine the music blaring....Family Force 5....this itty-bitty little car literally rocking back & forth with three teen-agers inside....with sunglasses on.....head-banging & singing along to this:

I'm blessed, I must confess
My heart is pounding in my chest
Cause this love's the best
I'm just a love addict

Hold up, wait a minute, put a little love in it

They certainly know how to have fun while working! Definitely a moment in time to be thankful for!!
And while the boys were outside working.....Alli & I 'helped' Ashley with some extra credit for her Mass Communications class. She was given a list of 10 classic movies she could watch & write a page summary of for extra credit. Pretty cool assignment if you ask me. Of course, she enjoyed certain movies more than others, but still. While she was home they watched Ben Hur, To Kill a Mockingbird, Bridge Over the River Kwai & Music Man. I think, out of that list, the girls enjoyed To Kill a Mockingbird the best. Michael liked Bridge Over the River Kwai.
And while we 'helped' with the extra credit, I worked on Alli's afghan. It's all put together now......this was yesterday morning early, putting in that last block....
Now begins the edging & I'll be DONE!

We didn't do any Black Friday shopping per se......I have NO desire to get out there in all the craziness just for a bargain. I bargain hunt all the time anyway. But all us girls......Maw, Sarah, Ella, me & some of our together & had a Girly Thanksgivng celebration together at Cracker Barrel yesterday. It was really nice. Afterwards we sat outside visiting....while waiting on everyone to get done looking around, etc. Ashley sat down beside me in this adorable little kid's rocking chair & wanted me to take her picture. Speaking of bargains.....I DID find some yesterday. We ran by Good Will.....Ashley is really into the big chunky sweaters from the 80s/90s & she scored 3 sweaters yesterday. I spent $27 & got those three sweaters, two pairs of flannel pj pants for me, 8 shirts for the guys AND a book for Sarah. We didn't get home til 7pm last night. Kind of tired, but blessed by the day we shared together!


Fatcat said...

That sounds like a good day. Well, except for the septic tank digging part. :-)

Amy said... you get ANY of my posts/comments on your blog? Because when I go back & look, it shows you have NO comments. I was feeling sad because I comment to you ALL the time. Oh & can you send me your mailing address please. ;-)