Saturday, November 03, 2012

Girl's Night & Switchfoot

Clay & all the kids except Alli went to the Switchfoot concert at Liberty last night. Alli just didn't care to go....she would much prefer to go to a Taylor Swift concert. But while the others went off for a night on the town, she & I grabbed some supper at McDonald's & then came home for a quiet evening watching a 'Chick-Flick' of her choosing. She chose 'Sweet Home Alabama' since it was one of the ones she had never seen before.
 One of my favorites that I can watch over & over again!
Love this picture that Ashley took last night. She didn't have the opportunity to get one with Clay & Chris in it too, but that's ok....I really LOVE this shot! I'm so thankful my kids love each other & enjoy spedning time together! Sibling love is the best.


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