Sunday, November 11, 2012

'I'm in a store & I'm singing........'

We had a fun adventure this afternoon. Alli & Michael especially had been begging for quite awhile to go to Richmond to the big Guitar Center there. And right in the next shopping center is another BIG music store. Heaven for them, I tell ya! After visitng BOTH music stores, we HAD to go to Bass Pro. I mean, c' don't dare go all the way to Richmond without going to Bass Pro.
Can you believe that my teen-agers had to go sit on Santa's lap & get their picture taken?
I guess you can never be too old to sit on Santa's lap! They both said he was one of the best Santas they had ever seen. He does seem like a right Jolly Old Elf, doesn't he?

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Kaye said...

Funny!! Several years ago we were in Walmart and all three boys insisted on having their pictures taken with the Easter Bunny.