Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Clay & I headed to Richmond yesterday for a change on our annual Christmas shopping day. We hit Bass Pro, Greentop, Guitar Center, The Golf store, Michaels, Target, Sams &Walmart.
While we were at the shopping center on W. Broad St. we could see this HUGE crowd of people all lined up way out into the parking lot waiting to see someone at the Lifeway Christian bookstore. Our curiosity got the best of us.....Clay sent me up there to see who was there & it was Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas there for the signing of her new book.
Pretty cool. We realized after we found out who it was.......basically all you saw in line were moms with their little girls. I came home & put her book on hold at our library. Can't wait to read it.
After a full day of shopping, we headed over to Texas Roadhouse for Clay's birthday supper. This is his favorite place & we always go there when we have an occassion to celebrate.
After supper, we had to make one last run back to Bass Pro. This picture isn't very good at all, but it sure was pretty all lit up. And driving down the road.....seeing all the stop lights, etc.....it made me think of this verse from 'Silver Bells'

'Strings of streetlights
Even stoplights
Blink a bright read & green'
And check out what Clay found in the woods for me today. My very own 'Charlie Brown' Christmas tree for my kitchen table. It's actually a tiny scrub of a tree that they pulled up by the roots & potted. How awesome is that?! I know that Kaye will love this!!

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Kaye said...

You know me so well! Better lock your doors or I may just drive over and steal it. ;)