Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Miracles Come in Cans

Perhaps you have heard the words "You can't" repeatedly throughout your life. Many people are good at telling others what they cannot do. Even people you wouldn't necessarily consider to be "against" you may have tried to discourage you from doing something you wanted to do by telling you that you couldn't do it. Parents, teachers, coaches, friends, family members, & leaders of church groups or scocial activities often fail to realize the power of their words over young lives. So many children & teenagers grow up thinking "I can't" when that isn't true at all! No matter how many times you have heard someone say to you, "You can't," I want to say to you, "Oh, yes, you can!" I believe that miracles come in cans---- our belief that we can do whatever we need to do through Christ who is our strength.

Negative words & words that speak failure come from the enemy, NOT from God.

Choose to agree with God & say to yourself, "I can!" And let the power of your positive thoughts & words outweigh the power of the negative words anyone else has ever spoken to you.

--from 'Power Thoughts' by Joyce Myer

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