Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Thought I'd share a few pictures from this morning. Some are mine & the better ones were taken by Chris.

Jon & Alli sporting their cool socks!
Michael played Santa this year.
Jon's cool new shades.
Alli got a new leather guitar strap.
Chris checking out his new art book.
Taylor Swift calendar.
Ashley felt so bad & didn't want her picture taken.....but here's a picture of her new 8lb. dumb bells.
Michael didn't have a clue what this one was.
His 'Monster' rack! Look at that face!
Clay got this for me.....isn't it just the cutest thing?!  He likes the way we are under the mistletoe & I'm cutting my eyes at him.
Rocky was jealous & wanting Ashley's Beanie-Boo.....
....never mind that he got some brand new stuffies of his very own.
Just look at him cutting those adorable little eyes up at Chris.
'Silent night! Holy night! All is calm....'
I'm really sad that all my kiddos are sick & not feeling well & that we missed out on getting to go to Maw's house like we always do for Christmas dinner, but it really has been a nice day. A slower pace....just enjoying being at home with each other. Like I told Maw the other day......something I read from Karen Kingsbury......about having a 'Mary' Christmas.(read Luke 10:38-42) My crew is cozied up in the living room by the fire right now....I smell the turkey cooking in the oven & out my window....it looks like it might snow.
'God Bless us, every one!'

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