Sunday, December 23, 2012


Yep, afraid so......ALL the kids are sick now. Just this nasty rotten cold/chugginess that everyone has been having. Clay & I are still far. Although Clay swears that he has been coming down with it for several days now. He's such a 'MAN'. (insert rolling eyes here!)
I knew things weren't right yesterday morning when Ashley & Michael both plopped themselves on the couches & stuck in a Christmas movie to watch. Michael is not a big movie-watching person in the first place & Ashley would never do that first thing in the morning. Much less being curled up on the couch covered up in her fleece blanket. They both had fever for a while....but kind of perked up late in the afternoon. Then by last night, Jon was pretty sure he was getting it & this morning, Alli came downstairs early & propped herself up on the couch because the drainage was bothering her.
'Be still & know that I am God.'
-Psalms 46:10
So, while the kids laid around & rested all day yesterday, I spent my time in the kitchen baking some cookies. I made peanut butter & snickerdoodles. Also did ALOT of laundry.....that's not surprising. Wrapped some more packages & fixed home made pizzas for supper. I was pooped by the time bedtime rolled around last night. Guess we will spend another day cozied up on the couches enjoying the warmth of the fire, the pretty lights on our tree & just spending time together watching movies.


Fatcat said...

Except for the sickness, the rest of it sounds great, cozi-ing up, watching movies, eating cookies and being together. Enjoy it as much as possible. I hope you and Clay don't get sick as well.

Cindy Gay said...

Sorry your kids are sick. Your cookies look great and the home sounds cozy. Merry Christmas Amy!