Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Monday!

Goodness, I've been busy today. I can't believe that my Girly comes home from school tomorrow. Today has just been full of doing ALOT of little stuff around the house. LOTS of laundry...washing/changing the sheets on Ashley's bed....baking mini loaves of banana bread.....making a pot of Paula Deen's chicken noodle soup to have for supper....going to the PO to mail a Christmas package & get my Christmas stamps. My cards have all been mailed now, so y'all be on the look-out.
Alli had been wanting to bake an apple pie AND to do the lattice-work top. For our first attempt, I dont think it turned out too badly at all. Will have to try this again, for sure.
I found this amazing potholder pattern the other day.....
It is so super simple! I mean seriously.....I made each of these in about an hour. You can find the pattern here at The Boring Knitter. What I love is that it's a double thickness, but without having to crochet with two strands of yarn. Check out the pattern & you'll see.
These little Granny Stars were really quick to whip up too. I could've finished this all in one eveing if I had really tried. I started it Sat. night while watching TV & finished it up yesterday afternoon. It adds such a festive touch to my kitchen window. I've already started on some more stars to hang in my bathroom window.
Not the best photo at all.....but it was just so pretty at church yesterday morning.....with the set of the 'Virginia Spectacular'.

Well, I'm pooped now. Think I'm going to have a piece of that yummy apple pie & then head up to bed to snuggle down & read for a bit.

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Cindy Gay said...

What a great looking pie! Happy Holidays my friend!