Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ashley's 15th Birthday

We celebrated Ashley's 15th BD yesterday.....OMG, where does the time go? We had our traditional 'Special Day' breakfast of cinnamon buns & coffee & then Ashley opened her gifts from us. She got a new MP3 player, some clothes, PJs, a pair of flip-flops, make-up & some scrapping goodies. Then around mid-afternoon, we all headed to Maw's house to have a birthday cook-out there with Maw, Sarah & kids, Aunt Vada & Johnny & Chris came over for the evening too!!
My college, doesn't he look so grown up & handsome?!

I told the kids ahead of time that I wanted co-operation for at least ONE try at a family picture since we'd all be there together. Hoping to get a good one with Clay & I in it to have for Christmas pics this year. I always send out pics of just the kids.

Four of my sweet kiddos

Ashley took this one of her & Alli. I told you she always get awesome pics of the two of them!!

Ashley's ice-cream birthday cake! Yum!!

Sarah, Aunt Vada & Uncle Johnny

Chris, Ashley & Jon acting goofy.

This is the one I love! I heard Clay call to me & tell me I'd better come with the camera while he was willing & 'in the mood'.........I got a great shot of just him with the kids & then I gave the camera to Sarah & told her to get one of all of us.
And last but not least...everyone got to commenting how they thought Jon was almost taller than Chris & sure enough......not by much, but he is a wee bit taller & he's only 13!


Wanda said...

Love your family pictures, Amy! Too Too Cute! We need to try to do a family shot on our cards this year, too.

Steph said...

What a beautiful cake! Looks like Ash had a great birthday!

smile said...

Looks like Aunt Vada is in the bg on the one family pic, just a bonus! Chris looks so grown! That is just crazy!
Jon was prob. loving that he's taller than Chris!!!!! HA! You and I can both relate, our lil' sissies are taller than us! Something just isn't right about that!