Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fortune Family Reunion 2008

Yesterday was our annual family reunion held at Uncle Skippy's home. We had a great time...lots of food, fun & fellowship!Classic Uncle Johnny....pipe in hand!
'Are we having fun yet?'
Jon & Michael with Jesse & Daniel in between them.
David Purvis & the band.
Sarah, Wendy, Carolyn, Johnny & Vada
Delaney Fortune, Phoebe & Suzanne Nash, Kathy
Ah, it's good to be Queen! ;-)
Michelle & Amy......Rinnie's in the background with the camera.
Suzanne & Aunt Linda......look at her shaking that finger......they said she was Bossy! ;-) Suzanne, Linda, Kathy & Vada
Anna, Alli & Cori
Sarah & Wendy
Linda & Michelle
Mike being his normal goofy self!
Jon & Cornell...deep in discussion.....with Dillon in the middle.Jesse...what a cutie!

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