Sunday, September 14, 2008

My List....

Just thought I'd share a page out of my notebook from this past was sitting here by the computer & I thought, why not?

First there's my menu for the week:
Fri-Sandwiches or frozen pizzas...take your pick!
Sun-Home-made pizzas
Tues-Grilled chicken

Then there's my list for Sam's:
-tea bags
-Wheat English muffins
-hotdog buns
-shredded cheese
-pick up pictures

Written in the middle of the page is the list of projects that I've uploaded to ASF this month:
-Dora card
-Bunny Love
-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
-Black Berries

And scribbled around the edges are some songs that I heard on the radio & wanted to DL when I got home:
-'Today is the Day'-Lincoln Brewster
-'I'm Letting Go'- Francesca Battistelli
-'Jesus Messiah'-Chris Tomlin

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