Monday, September 01, 2008

This & That

Labor Day...but no big deal for us. Chris had classes & Clay had to work, so we went ahead & did school here too. Still not cranked up to full gear yet. Besides the fact that I haven't ordered Michael's math book or gotten Alli her multiplication printer is totally out of ink now & so I couldn't print any of their Olympic unit. Soooooo....we did some reading aloud together. Want to go ahead & finish up the Hour of the Olympics (Magic TreeHouse book) this week, then we'll be good to go when I get my ink cartridge & we can put together our Pockets of Time for that. Ashley & Jon both did a lesson in math & each read a portion in their History. As I posted earlier, we have a two week cyber crop going on at ASF & this is what I worked on for that today. Both of these projects are for Ken's gymnastic challenge. The card is a little 4x4" card(Balance Beam) using the colors & design of the gymnast's outfits as inspiration...not to mention the little 'medal' saying Happy Day.
This layout is done for the floor exercises....using music/song lyrics/title for inspiration. I scrapped this picture of my favorite reading chair & used Kenny Chesney's 'Old Blue Chair' as my inspiration.

And one last photo for your viewing pleasure.........MaLady with her baby kittens along with 5-month-old Tuck who still THINKS he's a baby kitten! Ha!!!


Babydoll said...

Amy you did a great job with the challenges!! The last picture of the kitties is hilarious!!

FatcatPaulanne said...

So funny about the cat still thinking he's a baby and his mama letting him!

smile said...

Hilarious with the cat photo!!
I cracked up! You'll have to see the new picture of how big Sunny has gotten on my blog!

Kaye said...

That picture of the cats is hysterical!